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About us

Heindl Export OÜ  was founded by a team  of international food producers, food brokers and export business experts.


Heindl Export OÜ was established to serve international clients with the main focus being on Pischinger and Heindl products, as well as those of our franchise partners.

Our field of consultancy is product-oriented with an emphasis relating to all necessary steps for the establishment and launching of Heindl and Pischinger products on local markets. This includes the preparation and maintenance of our franchise shop partners. We will supply you with all the relevant information in respect to the necessary marketing, PR and transportation issues and activities.

Heindl Export ÖU is your international operating partner, corresponding in German, English, Estonian, Russian and Turkish in close cooperation with Heindl/Pischinger headquarters.


We are keen to assist you to solve any and all open questions and problems. Do not hesitate to contact the Heindl Expert Export Team!

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